A Many-Faced One?

One sees minds inspired by pure ideals, their faces shine, there is honesty, goodness, guilelessness, simplicity, an abiding trust in the goodness of human nature, a human faith…and there are those faces that are marred by the absence of these qualities. One makes beauty, and the other reflects other things.

crowd at a rock concert many different expressions

Human life has so many different expressions

so very many different expressions

so very many different expressions

Yet all are the faces of the human race. And if mankind is one body, part of the one Earth’s life, as our returned astronauts tell us, they are all faces of the one body…

One Body, One part of One Life....

One Body, One part of One Life….

PK Willey

PK Willey, Ph.D., is an American, a Gandhian scholar, author and entrepreneur, who has delved deeply into Gandhi's Earth Ethics. Willey seeks to enhance philosophical discourse around the world where globalization has altered ethical values, particularly in the USA. Willey finds Gandhi's ideas, thoughts, and example, to be invaluable in this effort. Currently, besides numerous articles and book projects,Willey is developing a new framework for qualitative research that employs Earth Ethics, guided by a Gandhian compass and Weibust's Transformative Paradigm.

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