Dear Maxine, Love Letters by Don Price “When it Comes”

Dear Maxine, Guest Post by Don Price. who lost his beloved wife, Maxine December 26, 2016.  His sincere reflections touch us all. He said: 
“So much death all around me lately. I am not immune. I have stood by many bedsides and watched as fathers, friends, wives,  were taken away,  despite all efforts. I have thought about death since I was young but now it’s…here. All  around. My turn is coming. I believe I know what’s on the “other side”. But about that day…when it comes? What will it be like?”


When it comes

When I was a youth…

My body and I felt like one.

It was so light and perfect with endless energy.

We would dance and run and jump and climb and laugh and cry.

It was all so real.

But now…an old man looks out at me in the mirror every morning.

Who is that fellow? Why does he look so familiar?

My friends are all dying.

One by one they crumble, fall and lie still.

My gentle quiet wife Maxine…

When my time comes….

If it is in the Spring, I will lie embraced by the bright yellow Dandelions
and the brave bursting flowers and my Spirit will float into a Sky of brilliant white puffy clouds
and sail with them into Forever.

If it is in the Summer, my body will lay in the tall, warm green grass and
I will celebrate with the plants the richness of August and my Spirit will rise into the
warm bright skies, embracing the fullness of Eternal Life.

If it is in Winter, my body shall lie under a glittering white blanket of peaceful Snow and sleep
amongst the Roots, who are waiting for the Spring, and my Spirit shall dream with them, into Eternity.

It it comes in the Fall, I will lie covered with a crazy quilt of multicolored leaves, and my Spirit
will swirl upward with a burst of riotous wind, into an Endless Sky of Pure Joy.

It will be like standing on the edge of the Ocean,

Looking out over that Vastness…

My bare feet in the cold wet sand,

When the waves pull at the back of my legs

As they rush back to their source.

Trying to pull me with them.

As I stand and look out over the Vastness.

I will hear it whisper,

“Come! Join me!
“You will remember that you…are I”

PK Willey

PK Willey, Ph.D., is an American, a Gandhian scholar, author and entrepreneur, who has delved deeply into Gandhi's Earth Ethics. Willey seeks to enhance philosophical discourse around the world where globalization has altered ethical values, particularly in the USA. Willey finds Gandhi's ideas, thoughts, and example, to be invaluable in this effort. Currently, besides numerous articles and book projects,Willey is developing a new framework for qualitative research that employs Earth Ethics, guided by a Gandhian compass and Weibust's Transformative Paradigm.

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