“The Rights of Nature,” TedX talk by Attorney Mumta Ito, Findhorn, UK

This is a clear and powerful talk by our friend, Mumta Ito, an environmental law attorney who has dedicated her career for standing up for the Nature that sustains us all.   “Environmental law is failing, and will continue to fail, as it comes from the paradigm that created the problems.”“The rights of Nature are [now beginning to] being recognized in law….”When we establish the rights of nature in Law, we activate the codes for love and compassion for all beings…to live in accordance with that requires a personal transformation….in our current paradigms, we don’t have the answers.”


Feel free to forward to your friends, to show in classrooms, to engage people in ethical discussion.

PK Willey

PK Willey, Ph.D., is an American, a Gandhian scholar, author and entrepreneur, who has delved deeply into Gandhi's Earth Ethics. Willey seeks to enhance philosophical discourse around the world where globalization has altered ethical values, particularly in the USA. Willey finds Gandhi's ideas, thoughts, and example, to be invaluable in this effort. Currently, besides numerous articles and book projects,Willey is developing a new framework for qualitative research that employs Earth Ethics, guided by a Gandhian compass and Weibust's Transformative Paradigm.

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