Dedication Page

To My Daughter, and All Our Daughters,

May our children rise

to fearlessly face the coming Dawn,

Knowing they are part of Life, Unending.

Green Grass, Blue Skies, anni-by-the-ocean

In this beautiful World,

One Lord, One Love,

Has Created it So…

Can’t we Love each other?

Fill this place with Harmony?

One Time, Everywhere,

Let’s try! Make it happen today….

Mountains, Valleys

On our sweet planet Earth.

One Love, One God, Has created it So

Everywhere beauty abides,

Singing aloud the Glory of Thee

Flowers, fields and Rivers,

alive with your sweet song of Day….

Strive for

The Wonder of Wonders,

Who has made it so

Love Her, with All your Heart,

And All the People will know…..

– Anni



The song above, Green Grass, Blue Sky” was written and tuned by Anni during the last day she spent in University. The sketch of the lotus was one among many found in her diaries.